We offer peace and amity to all the neighbouring states and their peoples, and invite them to cooperate with the independent Jewish nation for the common good of all. The State of Israel is ready to contribute its full share to the peaceful progress and development of the Middle East. (From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Hamas Removed From EU's List Of Terrorist Organisations: Meshaal Exults

The European Union has, as reported by the BBC here, alongside a photo of a sweet-looking boy toddler in Hamas gear, removed Hamas from its list of terrorist organisations.

Read an official statement here.

In response, Bibi Netanyahu  has demanded that the genocidal body be restored to the list immediately.

Not surprisingly, the head of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal, exults:
"We, the leadership of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, welcome the decision of the General Court of the European Union to remove Hamas from the European Union's terrorist list and we consider this to be a step in the right direction and a means of making right a position that was wrong. This past position was not based on objective facts. In addition to this, it was in violation of and contradictory to international law as well as legal and humanitarian norms that guarantee the right of nations to resist occupation. It would be in the European Union's best interest to align itself with international law and with legal and humanitarian norms and to refrain from violating these laws under the misguided pressure of Israel and its exploitation of the international community.
In this regard I urge the leaders and governments in the EU states to accept and cooperate with the decision of the Court and to take measures to make a brave political decision to remove Hamas from the European Union's terrorist list in coordination with the Court's decision and with the values of justice and law, as well as out of respect of the people's will and their rights. I also urge the leaders and governments in EU states to avoid stalling or wasting time by taking measures or making appeals attempting to circumvent international law and objective facts.
I also hope that all international forces, including the United States, take the initiative and right the wrong that has been made in the past, which, as everyone knows, is a result of Israeli pressure and not a result of the facts on the ground.
I would like to remind everyone that throughout its long history since its inception 27 years ago, Hamas has, and continues to confine its legitimate resistance and struggle to Palestine and exercises this against the Israeli occupation. This is a natural right for the movement and for all nations under foreign occupation and it is in accordance with our religious and international laws, just as the other nations in the East and the West resisted their occupying forces.
We believe that this step by the General Court of the European Union, along with the initiatives made last week by a number of EU states and the Swedish government to recognise a Palestinian state and the rights of the Palestinian people, are all considered important steps that must be followed through in the context of setting the record straight and making the historical mistake against the Palestinian people right again.
The Palestinian people, as well as other people who have suffered and continue to suffer from unjust occupation, are looking forward to the day, in the near future, when the international community and the global superpowers will call things by their true name and explicitly expose the true terrorist forces, countries, and parties that exercise real terrorism against humanity. Such parties work together to commit acts of terrorism in its ugliest forms, in the name of the state, before the eyes and ears of the world without any accountability or deterrence, starting with Israeli terrorism."
 Exulting too are the types of usual suspects in the West who wish ill to the little Jewish state and seek its destruction; a sample of such individuals can be seen in comments below the line of the report at the above link.

More of relevance here

Two Interesting Videos

This video shows the IDF treating wounded Syrian fighters, proof yet again of the essential humanity of Israel:

This American video might strike some people as over-strong, but it's undeniably pertinent to current events:

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Monis & The Media: "The Denial, The Racism Of The Anti-racists, It All Must End"

This is a sequel to my last two posts.

If Wikipedia is accurate, Ms Silma Ihram, from the Australian Muslim Women's Association,  has been round the block a bit as far as choosing a faith is concerned:
'Silma Ihram was born Anne Frances Beaumont, to a middle-class agnostic family,and grew up in the suburb of Balgowlah, on Sydney's Northern Beaches....
Despite the Anglican, Presbyterian and Methodist influences from her up-bringing, Ihram ended up with the Baptists who she found to be "very inspirational." She then moved to an Islander church in North Queensland, and studied theology by correspondence from the Baptist sector. Ihram became a born-again Christian in 1968, and participated in missionary work with the Children's Special Service Mission (CSSM) in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
In 1976, during an extended trip to Indonesia, Ihram had a "personal revelation that I had to become a Muslim" and converted to Islam, changing her name to Silma Ihram.  come a Muslim" and converted to Islam, changing her name to Silma Ihram. She was followed soon after by her Irish Catholic husband.... '
 "The long history of Islam is ... working with other faiths," she  told the ABC in a breakfast time interview live from Sydney's Martin Place, in front of the pile of floral tributes to the victims of this week's tragedy at the hands of Man Haron Monis (pictured).

To a highly receptive and sympathetic Michael Rowland, co-anchor of the ABC's Breakfast show, the articulate Ms Ihram declared that while Muslim community leaders laid wreathes the previous day, they do not acknowledge that the gunman's action's had anything to do with Islam, and that "the reluctance in sometimes doing this" is because it would be seen as a confirmation on their part that such terrible acts are connected with Islam.

See the video here

But the idea of Muslim victimhood, so keenly pushed by the ABC's Rowland, has been roundly condemned by the always worth reading Australian columnist Andrew Bolt.

That courageous realist of Aussie columnists, Bolt, has a typically astute column out today in the Murdoch papers for which he writes.  He observes, inter alia:
'....  Must we always feign this surprise when a terrorist is found to be – gasp – Muslim? Surely we can drop this absurd game given 21 of the 21 people jailed for terrorism offences here in the past couple of decades were all Muslim, as are 19 of the 20 proscribed terrorist groups in Australia. 
Surely we’re entitled to conclude something specific to Islam seems to license violence, given we have just as many Buddhists here as Muslims, yet not one Buddhist has killed here for his faith....
The ideology Monis followed was inspired in large part by Islamic scriptures that urge believers to “kill the polytheists wherever you find them” and exhorts “so when you meet those who disbelieve (in battle), strike (their) necks”.
We’re told, as always, that those who take seriously such passages in the Koran and Hadith are a tiny, unrepresentative minority.
But wait. The Sydney Morning Herald reports Monis had more than 14,000 “likes” on Facebook and a Muslim community leader asked by counterterrorism authorities to find the ISIS flag Monis demanded said: “I found plenty of people who had one, but they didn’t want to give them up.”
So why this denial about Islam – and specifically about its role in this attack?
For the authorities it is about public order. They fear reprisals against Muslims and also do not wish to alienate the overwhelming majority of peaceful Muslims here whose help they need against radicals.
For the Left more generally, to admit the latent threat in Islam would be to question disastrous Leftist programs that have left this country more exposed to political violence – particularly our too-lax immigration programs, multiculturalism and the much-rorted “refugee” programs that let in Monis in 1996. It is also to seem unkind.
But the denial, the racism of the anti-racists, it all must end.
The elements are shocking, true. But Islam contains a strong streak of violence and intolerance of other creeds. Mass immigration from the Middle East has left us in greater danger than before. Muslim leaders were recklessly slow to help fight extremism in their doctrine and their followers, including the mad.
And by screaming “racist” rather than allow debate, our academics, commentators and politicians deafened us to the warnings until it was too late.
 Be sure to read the entire article  here for he does address the issue of Monis's perceived madness.

Statement from the Executive Council of Australian Jewry:
ECAJ Statement on events at Martin Place, Sydney on 15 December 2014
The Australian Jewish community is shocked and appalled by the terrifying taking of hostages at Martin Place on December 15 and ensuing events, and is deeply saddened by the news that the incident has ended with the deaths of two innocent people, Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson.
We pray for their souls and share in the sorrow, grief and revulsion caused by the heinous crime which claimed their lives. May their families be granted strength at this time of great pain and may the survivors be healed fully, both physically and emotionally.
We pay tribute to the NSW police and supporting federal agencies for their dedication, professionalism and absolute commitment to the preservation of innocent life. Australians are fortunate to be served by people of their dedication and calibre.
The perpetrator of the crime was a lone disturbed individual with a criminal history who cloaked his personal grievances in Islam and Islamist ideology. His evil actions must not be allowed to sow discord in our tolerant, multicultural society, or to weaken the resolve of our government to fight those who seek to inflict terror on innocent people at home and abroad. On the contrary, we have every confidence that this terrible tragedy will unite Australians and harden our nation’s commitment to fighting violent extremism and incitement to ensure that this sort of tragedy is never visited upon our society again.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

"In Australia, The Muslim Community Missed An Opportunity To Expose, Denounce & Shut Down The Antics Of A Religious Extremist": ABC Broadcaster

The (anti-Israel, pro-Islam) Socialist Alliance speaks
This is a postscript to my previous post.  It's a very telling one. 

Dr Rachael Kohn, the ABC's much-respected religious affairs broadcaster, notes inter alia:
"....Islam, they say, is not about the violent jihad which terrorists espouse, it is about peace. Yet in Australia, the Muslim community missed an opportunity to expose, denounce and shut down the antics of a religious extremist, who for at least the past two years has been using the internet, CDs and other means justifying violent jihad.
The trouble is that Sheik Haron, as he calls himself, can seem a bit too loony to take seriously, but this is a mistake. The self-styled mufti is no shrinking violet when it comes to promoting hatred of the West and justifying violence in the name of Allah. Nor is he lacking funds to produce his elaborate propaganda.
I have been one of his targets, along with other public figures, including the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and the Melbourne magistrate, Judge Peter Reardon, who presided over the case of five men charged with planning a terrorist attack against the Holsworthy Army base [The Australian, Aug 26 2009].
I have read the sheik's faxes, letters on custom letterhead, and CDs in which he openly promoted the glorious calling of jihad against the West and celebrated the deaths of Australians in war and in the Victorian bushfires.
According to him, the deaths of both soldiers and civilians were the work of Allah, who metes out punishment to those who offend or harm Muslims...."
Read her entire article here

Meanwhile, in The Australian, an excellent article (behind a paywall) by associate editor (national affairs) Chris Kenny:
'.... Each time there are attempts by sections of the media and political class to play down the Islamist element and each time there is a rush from the same cohort to leap to the “backlash” story, warning of repercussions against Australia’s Muslim communities....
And the much-discussed backlash never seemed to arise.
.... We need to come to grips with a blunt reality; Islamic extremist terrorism, whether it is carried out by highly organised groups or deranged loners, whether it is imported or homegrown, is a real and present danger....
The few isolated cases of Islamophobic responses have normally been strongly dealt with and denounced by our citizens, not to mention our authorities....
The idea that Australia needs to prove its plurality and tolerance is as wrongheaded as it is silly....
 Denigrating ourselves and portraying all Muslims as the victims, rather than the drastically unlucky and blameless cafe customers and staff, is playing to the terrorist narrative....'
How ironic it is that below the line of this article in well-known Aussie leftie magazine New Matilda the commenters decrying "Islamophobia" (and ignorantly claiming that the profoundly anti-Christian Adolf Hitler was a practising Catholic)  include this racist guy who one or two people have named but who prefers to go under a silly alias:
'Shall we vote?Who is the vilest pustule of Islamophobic hatred-Hall or ozgipsy, if they really are two different bigots? The Islamophobic urge to treat all Moslems as an undifferentiated mass of evil, dangerous, monsters, is mirrored by the 'antisemitism'  smear, where Jews are also depicted as uniform and all alike, only this time they are perfection, who never, unique for all groups in history, do anything wrong or immoral (even regretable) and, therefore, any criticism of any Jew, anywhere, for any action (even mass child murder as in Gaza) is vilified as pure bigotry and hatred.
The strange symbiotic relationship doesn't end there, of course, because the Islamophobia industry in the West is in large part a Judeofascist and Zionazi project, with most of the big financers of Islamophobic bigotry being rich, Rightwing, Jews, ably abetted by Sabbat Goy Toys and admirers like the infamous Anders Brievik, and, on a more minuscule level, Iain Hall. The 'Australian Defence League', I would imagine, qualify as a tiny tentacle of this enterprise. The nomenclature alone reeks of Zionazi influence, mimicking the 'Jewish Defence League' of Kahane, and the UK off-shoot the 'English Defence League' of crude racist bullies, whose riots were decorated by as many Israeli flags as Union ones, until it became too obvious and they were instructed to 'cool it'. If the Judeofascists continue down this path, we will end up in a religious war, and not as safely one-sided as the West's war on Islam has been so far. For while we mourn our victims, in the few thousand (even counting obvious 'false-flags' like 9/11)the West has killed millions of Moslems and destroyed several countries, yet we still narcissistically whinge that it is we who are the victims. The sheer, crude, racism could not be plainer or more nauseating
Not half as nauseating as his blatant anti-Jewish racism, of course.

But that's the Far Left for you.

(More on this topic on my next post)

Monday, 15 December 2014

Sentiments On The Sydney Siege

At the time of writing, the Sydney siege is still in progress, and an Islamic flag can still be seen in the window of the Lindt Café where it is taking place, despite the fact that the lights have been turned off for the night. There is no information regarding the identity of the perpetrator (it would seem, from television reports, that he uses a human shield, seemingly female, when he passes windows, that he barked out his demands via two females hostages forced, at different times, to a Channel Nine reporter, and that he is acting alone).

[Update: culprit was Man Haron Monis, granted asylum to Australia in 2001 ... a vile antisemitic ndividual who was out on bail despite facing 40 charges of sexual assault! An accessory to the murder of his wife, he had sent poisonous letters to the families of dead Aussie servicemen - hand-delivered at the funerals! The two persons killed.   Wikipedia has wasted no time in writing him up. This is believed to be his Twitter page. See also my next post.]

But what his demands are have not been divulged by the station on instructions by police.  To date, five hostages have managed to escape.  How many remain is unclear. [Two hostages dead, along with the gunman; four injured.]

On social media, a number of leftists who also happen to be dedicated anti-Israel activists have posted conspiracy theories regarding the identity of the hostage-taker.  There's a marked reluctance to accept that he's a Muslim.  One leftist suggests that he is "a Christian fundamentalist" seeking to pin the blame on Muslims, some allege a political ploy by Tony Abbott to demonise Muslims and win popularity: that sort of thing.  I haven't seen any allegations that it is the work of Mossad, or the CIA, but given the intensity of Far Left antisemitism anti-Zionism on there, I wouldn't be at all surprised if such messages come, or have already been posted.

All that seems to be known for sure about the perpetrator is that he's a middle-aged man wearing a headband bearing Arabic writing (saying “We are your soldiers O Muhammad” according to some reports), that he is carrying a backpack, that he is armed, and that he forced two terrified female hostages to display the black Islamic flag in the window. A Muslim leader who is being interviewed as I write describes the use of the flag, with its legend that the only god is Allah and Mohammed is his prophet, as "blasphemous" in the circumstances.  He points out that it's not certain as this stage that the perpetrator is a Muslim.

Channel Nine and other television channels I've seen today appear to be bending over backwards to assert that Muslims in Australia generally are not involved in this incident and that they deplore it.  They are denouncing "Islamophobia" and talking up the "I will ride with you" hashtag.

And there's this.

On the other hand, the Sydney Daily Telegraph issued, this afternoon, this unsqueamish edition (pictured), and editor Piers Akerman wrote this no-holds-barred article.  No political correctness there, obviously.

Various Muslim institutions in New South Wales issued the following press release:

On Facebook, the Online Hate Prevention Institute, which is a Jewish initiative run by Dr Andre Oboler, has issued this statement:

 And this one:

All fine and dandy, eh?

But wouldn't it be great if the Online Hate Prevention Institute would (perhaps with the aid of the Muslims for whom it has gone into bat) exert itself in getting Facebook to remove some of the truly despicable antisemitic pages that still defile it.

Pages such as this and the page which produces outright racism:

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Why Boycotting Israel Is Rank Hypocrisy: Scottish PSC chief nails it!

In the promotion of his anti-Israel agenda, Mick Napier, the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign chief, is as usual a very busy laddie.

In the run up to Christmas (or should that be Hogmanay?) he's as active as ever in the cause of delegitimising the world's one and only Jewish state.

At the beginning of this month, for example, he joined Yvonne Ridley, the Press TV presenter and Muslim convert, in a brainstorming conference at Dundee University.

(Note, by the way, the logos of the affiliated campus organisations, with at least one leaving little doubt as to what "Action on Palestine" means to it.)

A week earlier Mr Napier was telling his Facebook clan (hat tip: Reader P):

A few days before that he declared:

The raison d'être and the thrust of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign is encapsulated in the literature they hand out and display at their not infrequent Israel-bashing demos:

Even though their ultimate goal is not as apparent as, say, that of this group which has joined SPC members on marches:

Now, in the interests of good public relations if nothing else, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign headquartered in London has more than once avowed its opposition to overt manifestations of antisemitism.  That is why, for example, it disapproves of branches linking to articles in the antisemitic online rag Redress.

And on 12 December SPSC chief Napier lost no time in rebuking a Glasgow-based follower of his, one Hamza Hussain, who posted an unequivocal antisemitic slur (Rev Stephen Sizer could and should take a leaf out of Mr Napier's book and admonish a few of his antisemitic followers):


And in so doing Mr Napier (pictured) has, albeit unwittingly, hit the nail on the head regarding the hypocrisy that underlies the BDS movement:
 "What about atrocities committed worldwide ... The list is endless ...."

Since the list is "endless", Mick, why is it only Israel you and your followers seek to boycott?

"Hamas Has Been Playing Double Jeopardy With My People": Jordanian-Palestinian Opposition Leader

Here's Mudar Zahran again, telling Sean Hannity how evil Hamas is, and how unpopular among Gazans: